Product Development

iStock_000000424089XSmallWith more than 10 years of experience in biocompatible polymer research and six years of applying that research to orthopedic models along side practicing surgeons, Natural Scaffolds understands the needs of the medical community. We are committed to providing the best materials for the best patient outcomes.

The products currently being developed are thermally responsive, injectable hydrogels that have been applied to bone tissue regeneration and fracture healing. These injectable hydrogels encourage healing of fractures that would otherwise result in delayed healing, or non-unions. These hydrogels are effective even without the use of additional therapeutic molecules.

We also seek research partnerships through cooperative agreements, grant applications, and patent licensing, not just to further our research, but yours as well. We will combine our expertise with yours to develop applications for new materials and discover better treatment methods.

Consulting services are available to help you discover the best natural polymer for your biomedical application. We’ll provide you with up to date information on the latest research using your desired material or a current review of treatment methods being researched andĀ applied to a specific morbidity or disease.